A mutual chance to learn & insipire

For many years volunteers have enriched and facilitated the growth of our project at PeaceWadi. Through WorkAway and WWOOF we have received volunteers of all ages and from all backgrounds. At PeaceWadi, they have not only learnt about our vision, the farm, and Jordan, but they have also taught us and each other about their lives, cultures, and background. We are so proud to share what we have and receive what comes from you.

How does volunteering on the farm work?

No two days at PeaceWadi are the same. We love to give the space and freedom to volunteers to be inspired and grow together with us. We encourage you to propose any ideas you have to improve (y)our farm and project – we also want to learn from you and love bright minds to discuss with. 

Faris Atiyeh, Second Generation founder of PeaceWadi:

Volunteering is a mutual joy to support and make each other grow in any way possible. The place is great to unwind, enjoy getting work done and to become inspired.

So what do I do at PeaceWadi?

  • Provide us anything you have to offer – bring us your sense of hospitality for our guests, and enlighten us with any knowledge on farming & agriculture
  • Support our worker on the farm and gardens – watering, weeding, harvesting, etc.
  • Help us maintain the pool and take a swim to make sure the water is good
  • Cleaning and tidying communal spaces to host ecotourism &  social initiatives on the farm
  • Take part in meal preparations, either for bigger groups or ourselves – cooking, organizing & coordinating events, tours around the farm
  • Any type of DIY, small construction work and improvements on the farm area
  • Spending time with visitors – simply share who you are and connect with the people around you, join for food, explain about your culture
  • Unleash your creativity for us on social media – share your experiences at peace wadi on our website or social media, such that our society is up-to-date about the wonderful things happening in the peace wadi

Throughout the day, staff around the farm will help give you direction and show you what needs to be done.

Practical Information

We accept volunteers for a minimum of 2 weeks and anyone is welcome to stay longer. Drop us a line on whatsapp or get on the phone to get to know us – we are happy to provide you with more information.

  • The rooms are air conditioned, Wifi is available
  • Our organic pool requires all volunteers to confirm the water quality by experience
  • Unwind on the roof with a view on Jerusalem (mosquito-free bedroom available on rooftop!)
  • We organize meals, cool drinking water, date shakes from the farm to make sure you enjoy your daily routine
  • The town of South Shuna is a 5 minute drive (close to the King Hussein Border crossing)
  • Any personal shopping you would like to do – feel free to join us when we go shopping ourselves
  • Our exact GPS-location can be found here
  • Hospital available in 5 minutes drive
  • Let us know if you have any transport issues – we know people and travel frequently ourselves as well

Get in touch with Faris directly by phone, whatsapp or Email:

Whatsapp & phone of Faris Atiyeh:  +962 (0) 79 733 8899

Email Faris: faris@peacewadi.com


Life at PeaceWadi

Volunteers live in the ‘ush in a basic dorm room complete with washing machine and fridge, though there is the option to sleep out on the roof on mattresses if you want a view of the stars! The work day runs from about 8 am to 4 pm with breaks for eating and resting in between, particularly on days when it is very hot.

Volunteers are encouraged to spend time with the many visitors to PeaceWadi – throughout the day friends, family, and other farmers frequently come to visit and private groups rent out the space at the Project building to host events. It is almost impossible to go about the farm without visitors calling you over, ask you your name, and offer you lots of food – sharing this cultural exchange is one of the missions of PeaceWadi.

In the evenings, volunteers have time to relax, use the wifi to call home, gather together to play games, learn Arabic from the workers who live here, or use the sunset on top of the arches to read or meditate.

Life at PeaceWadi can be a little spontaneous and so being flexible and taking initiative are qualities that will help you fit in. The atmosphere is very relaxed and volunteers will definitely find the time to pursue their own interests and recuperate from wearisome travelling.

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