Refugee program

Striving for Peace should not stop at our front gate. We intend to start a short­ term as well as a long­ term program for Syrian and Palestinian refugees. This will be done in corporation with other NGOs.

Short­term program: Staying in the Peace Wadi for a daily trip or a couple of days is like a quick holiday within nature. Just as a friend described it: “The moment you enter the valley, you will forget about your appointments, your stress, your duties.” We would like to share this experience with some of the persons who currently have to stay at the refugee camps in Jordan and let them be our highly welcomed guests.

Long­term program: We might also find men or women who would like to join us for some weeks or months. For free food and shelter, they might contribute to the development of the Peace Wadi by giving in their own ideas, by helping with the farming of dates, vegetables, olives, etc., or by supporting our sub­-organization “Children of the Valley”.

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