• Whole bunch of Berhi dates – only available in dates season
  • Join the farm experience, pick your bunch and enjoy a moringa tea with us and your family!
  • Berhi can be stored in room temperature or in the freezer for a very long time
  • PeaceWadi Berhi dates come for 5 JD when paid in cash or 7 USD if paid online
  • We also deliver bunches to anywhere in Amman or area close to Shooneh Janooba (King Hussein Bridge crossing)



PeaceWadi supports agritourism and loves to share with you the experience of the full natural product – come and get a full bunch of dates, freshly cut from the palms. Enjoy a tour and a tea, and choose your Berhi bunch to take home. We can also cut & deliver the bunches to your home if you like!



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