Our Vision

Our vision is simple: to catalyze the exchange of knowledge interculturally and intergenerationally. Through sharing and exchanging knowledge and by learning from one another, we believe that the world can be made a better and more peaceful place for all.

Located at the western edge of Jordan, within the Jordan Valley and at the border with Israel and Palestine, our farm is at the heartbeat of one of the most pulsating regions in the world. In reaction to existing regional problems (e.g. Palestinian and Syrian refugees, corruption, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict), we called our project “Peace Wadi”, i.e. Valley of Peace. It is a symbol of hope and action toward  peaceful and sustainable development in the region.

Additionally, we aim to contribute to youth perspectives and work on a sustainable use of our farm land. This is manifested in:

  • farming of dates, olives, lime, sugar cane, and seasonal vegetables
  • raising fish
  • the sub-organization “Children of the Valley,” which supports local youth
  • cooperation with international volunteers and internships and  with representation at “Work Away” and WWOOF
  • cooperation with domestic and international organizations for the support of refugees
  • the planned change in our energy supply towards decentralized and renewable energy

Simply dreaming of peace is not enough. We are striving and working to put these dreams into action by facilitating knowledge exchange and fostering compassion and understanding.

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