To catalyze the exchange of knowledge between cultures and generations, thereby fostering peace and development in broadest sense

Through sharing and exchanging knowledge & experiences, the world will become a better place for each and everyone of us.

  • Located in the Jordan Valley, at the border with Palestine, our farm is at the heartbeat of one of the most pulsating regions in the world
  • In reaction to existing regional challenges (e.g. Palestinian and Syrian refugees, corruption, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict), we called our project “PeaceWadi”, i.e. Valley of Peace. We are a symbol of hope and action toward peaceful and sustainable development in the region and anyone involved with us

Faris Atiyeh, second generation founder of PeaceWadi:

“We are convinced that any human being has the power and will to engage in our mission.”

We proudly welcome you at PeaceWadi!

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