Weekly Update: Life at the Valley of Peace and Ongoing Projects

Hello everyone!

We are glad to share with you that the farm is growing in all directions from our date palms to our renewed building structures and we would like to update you on what has been going on this week as well as what there is to come in the following weeks. Firstly, we would like to say thank you to our support network of workers, volunteers, friends, and family for allowing our projects to come to life and graduate toward success. It is because of all the past and current supporters that the farm’s ideas and aspirations were able to become implemented projects. The farm is wishing you a welcoming shout out. Also, local or international, the farm cannot stress enough how important it is to develop intercultural relations and to learn from one another through daily life together.

The renovation of the volunteer guest house continues to progress with the addition of great ideas and creativity. There will be three rooms within one building complex which we are continuing to organise the furniture and architectural elements–as well as the aesthetic appeal of the place. If you have a knack for interior design and artistry, stop by and feel free to be creative! Thanks to our many volunteers from all over the world, the painting job for the walls of the new rooms are coming to a finish and it looks great! We are planning on creating separate dormitories for a girl’s division and boy’s division however this decision is open for future members to choose where they are most comfortable. There is accommodation space for 5-7 guests and this includes two big beds, two small beds, and a couch. We will keep you updated and look forward to meeting new guests!

The Valley of Peace is also a fine place to visit for a tour around the farm. We are planning on opening a building structure for service as a place for dining and events–called “The Project”. For new readers and visitors, it is a series of arches creating a paved hall that’s suitable for meals, weddings, exhibitions, parties, and casual get-togethers. There is also a roof that can be used for guests overnight and a kitchen at the lower level. Also visit our sharing tree or the entrance cafe and you will be welcomed with friendly, inviting people. We would like everyone here to feel included in this community and have an enjoyable time. In addition, our farm is located in a technically advantageous place for new travelers, taxi drivers, and local commuters. We will have an upcoming post on more about this. The farm is also developing new indoor and outdoor activities for children and youth, which adults can enjoy as well. Some ideas include a renewed Dead Sea swimming pool, table tennis, music night/sessions, teaching farming practices and languages, and a planetarium. It is very exciting to start initiating these new recreations and furthering the potential of the farm with future possibilities.

One of the most important things we are maintaining daily or weekly are the date palms and every week we have hard workers climbing the trees and organising the branches to promote a good harvest in the summer/fall. Feel free to see the progress of our date trees, taste them for free, and even buy a whole branch of dates. You are more than welcome to accompany our group of workers on their excursions. Recently, Sheikh Hassan educated new and eager workers how to trim the branches, tie the date bunches, and help longer and shorter branches grow evenly. It was good to see the cultural exchange at work and revealing, literally, a timeless, age old art as well as a display of years of experience working within the field of agriculture. Stay in tune for more about the practice of date farming, sustainable living, permaculture, and our next post about a brief history on the Valley of Peace and the kind of rich and rare learning experience that we can offer here!

**More pictures soon to come! Tune in for an upcoming gallery of life at Wadi Al Salaam

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Hello everyone!

Valley of Peace is busy applying for a USAID grant for tourism development in Jordan and currently running an NGO training local Jordanians. We prepared this video as part of our application & would like to share it with you. Hope you enjoy!

This film was shot by Jeff and Anneen in Jordan.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD3fg84UM5E [Short version]

We greatly appreciate everyone involved in the Valley of Peace community wherever you may be.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cAXYZRR-go [long vers.]

Feel free to contact or visit us through email, tel. phone, our Facebook page for additional information.

Valley of Peace
Mohammed Atiyeh…………………………………………….+962 795527397

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Wadi Peace Gathering/Paint for Peace

On March 21st, we would like to welcome you all from near and far to enjoy a night filled with a variety of middle eastern cuisine and the sharing of knowledge. Come stay with us!

Also, in addition to our Wadi Peace gathering we would like to start the day a little earlier to announce the launch of an ongoing project, Paint for Peace.
With an aim to spread light and color over a very important location, we are seeking not only artists with a passion or interest in graffiti but also families, individuals and all that can contribute to making the day joyful and successful.
As it stands, we have a wall approximately 200 meters long that has been separated into sections. Being moments away from the King Hussein’s bridge crossing means it will be one of the first things you see entering Jordan giving the artists a perfect opportunity to share their work to the many people who use the crossing.
If you want to help, but don’t paint, we are also looking for sponsors to help pay for supplies.



To reach the farm from Amman, you can catch a bus to Shuneh from Markaz al muhajireen. Get off at the last stop then get a taxi to the farm. It is on the left about 400m before the Allenby Bridge border crossing. There are lots of taxis parked out front and a courtyard with a cafe.

If you have any concerns about getting to the farm feel free to contact Mohammed at 0795527397.

Also check out our Facebook page at Valley of Peace وادي السلام‎ .

Current Projects

Current Projects (Updated 20 February, 2016):

1. We are currently working on renovating a courtyard complex at the entrance to farm (which houses a cafe run by taxi drivers) which will become rent-able rooms for people stuck at the border and a living space for volunteers. We need people to help clean the space, assist in construction, and add their own artistic expertise!

2. EID AL-KHUBBAYZA – we have sent an open invitation to locals and friends to come to the farm to pick and cook their own Khubbayza (a wildly popular leafy green plant). We will help them prepare this in a sauteed dish served with vegetables from the farm. This ongoing program at our farm was recently featured on Jordanian national television:

WATCH: Jordanian Television on Eid alKhubbayza

image1 (1)


3. DATE PALMS – harvesting takes place in August, but soon we will be replanting seedlings and small trees to a new plot. The ground of the date palm orchard also needs to be cleared of dead branches and bramble. Furthermore, we need helpers to remove the grass and weeds around the base of the trees to make the irrigation system more efficient.



4. LASERS – If you know anything about lasers, we certainly have a project for you… it is a great hope that by shooting lasers across the Jordan Valley towards our friends at ECOME, a Palestinian-Israeli peace project near Jericho, we can symbolically restore a historic connection between the people of Jericho in Palestine and Shuneh here in Jordan. We hope to bridge divides at this farm by the Bridge, with the knowledge that peace building starts at a local level.

image2 (1)















Sending signals across the valley 😉

Welcome to Peace Wadi!

Peace Wadi, the Valley of Peace, is a peace project in the Jordan Valley close to the border with Palestine. We farm dates and vegetables, but also act as a center for recreation, ecological awareness and exchange of ideas. Find out more at “Our Vision.”

Current projects 

Come all together and enjoy our dates! Harvesting time is now at the peak, but still there are many ripe dates which can be eaten right away. You are highly welcome to taste for free at our farm! Of course buying a whole branch of dates is also possible. Enjoy!

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Sunset over the Valley of Peace, January 11, 2016