Eid al-Khubbayza

Eid al-Khubbayza (Feast of Khubbayza)

Eid al-Khubbayza is a fest to celebrate the products, smellsand colors that Mother Earth gives us every day. We enjoy these gifts withfriends and family of the Peace Valley and want it to become a tradition in the coming years. Every day a new guestprepares khubbayza with their own special recipe and different vegetables fromthe farm. Eid al-Khubbayza mabruk!
DAY FIVE: on the fifth day of eid al-Khubbayza MohammadMasri, a friend from Amman and very good cook, prepared stuffed chicken and delicious cabbage mahshi. For the vegetarians, he improvised a wonderful aubergine salad, with greek yoghurt, tahini and lemon flavor. The sharing tree was again the shelter over our celebrations!
DAY FOUR: the fourth day of eid al-Khubbayza was spentaround the fire, underneath the sharing tree. We had a delicious ful saladprepared by Yahya, the owner of the … cafè in Amman, and some grilled fish fromthe pond, fished by the children.

DAY THREE: on day three we had chef Shahatiit to help us preparing the meal for the Eid al-Khubbayza. We made mahshi, which are stuffed vegetables (such as peppers and aubergines) filled with rice, tomato, garlic, onion and chickpeas,  baked in the oven with some tomato sauce. The Khubbayza of the day was prepared by Hag Nabiil, Abu Farez’s brother. We all gathered under the sharing tree in the courtyard, made a fire and cooked the Khubbayza on it. The meal was very tasty and we all had a nice time sharing our cooking knowledge. The third day of Khubbayza ended with another fire; its big flame lit the courtyard in the night.


DAY TWO: today we feasted on Khubbayza under the arches of “The Project” and received a visit from old friends and new ones. Artist Lina Anabtawi came with her brother and mother, and they prepared a delicious ful dish entirely with ingredients from the farm.

DAY ONE: the first day of Eid al-Khubbayza was a great success, with around 14 guests including distinguished journalists, diplomats, and great friends. We kicked off the feast with lamb parts and veggies cooked on an open fire and ate and drank arak all afternoon. Everyone left with a smile on their face and a full belly!