Tourism & Accommodation

At the Valley of Peace, we provide different types accommodation and much more – it’s an experience to reside here. Get inspired, unwind and relax on the farm.

Camping: 7$ pr. person

Bed on rooftop under the stars: 10$ pr. person

Dormitory: 15$ pr. person

Private room: 20$ – 30$

We are flexible, and we make discounts for groups and depending the season.

Pick and cook – all you can eat.
Pick your own organic veggies in our garden and cook.
All you can eat 7$ pr. person.

Chemical free swimming
Our chemical free water entertainment is free for all guests. If you are not accommodating on the farm it is possible to take a swim in our pool for 7$ pr. person.

We also have a vegetarian cafeteria with very modest prices.

For booking, please send us an e-mail.

We are a non profit organisation, our charges are only to cover cost and to ensure sustainability. Any donations are welcome.