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Take the bus from Amman (ask for a cab to drop you off at the Muhajireen Station) to the King Hussein bridge. From the bridge walk back from the way you came from about 300 meters. We are just between two billboards, and there is a small taxi cab in front. You can recognize our gate from the pink flowers and on the wall behind and to the left of the gate there is a painting  of some water drops.

If the bus cannot take you to the bridge, you can take it to the nearby town South Shuneh, and take a taxi for no more than 1 JD. Please note: South Shuneh and King Hussein bridge is the last stop, and the buses have no set time schedule. They will leave when they are full, and stop at certain places.

If you want to take a taxi from Amman, the Al Momayaz is the most reliable taxi company. It should cost between 25-30 JD. A regular taxi (you can haggle) should not cost more than 25 JD, if not less. It is approximately a 45-60 minute ride.

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