It’s been quiet on this blog for a long time, but life on the farm goes on, of course, and I’d like to give you a little insight today.

The first winter rains are here, and it is already quite green around us. The dates have been harvested and are being sorted and the farm appears in new splendour. The nest, the community place is being refurbished and made cosy for the winter. Preparations for the New Year’s Eve party are in full swing.

I have been here at Peace Wadi for 2 and a half weeks now and I am still enjoying it very much. I was looking for a place where I could spend 3 weeks in community, close to nature, where I could just be, and I have definitely found that place at Peace Wadi. Mohammad and Sally welcomed me warmly and from the first moment I felt at home.

The farm is huge and there is always a lot to do to maintain the grounds. Some things only hint at their former glory and could use a little more attention, but the magic of this place can still be felt.

Every day brings something new and there is always something to do. Collecting rubbish, gathering the old date palm branches, pruning trees and bushes, harvesting lemons, cleaning the common areas around the project and, of course, kilos of dates to sort. The latter is a very meditative affair, while there are also more physically demanding tasks. But also, tasks for rainy days like supplying the social media channels with new information.

In the morning, the day starts with a hearty breakfast together in the nest. Then it’s off to work, after which you can end the day on the terrace or the roof, with a view of Jericho and the border. 

What makes this place special are, of course, the people. Mohammad, who owns the farm and is the bedrock of this farm. Sally, who keeps track of everything and provides everyone with wonderful food, and more recently Mughira, who has already added a few new tables to the farm with his craft skills and oud sounds. And then, of course, many people come in and out of Peace Wadi. Airbnb guests who tell of their travels and adventures, friends and relatives, neighbours and volunteers.

I really enjoy my time at Peace Wadi. The warm air that still makes it possible to sleep in the outdoor loft. The view of Jericho from the roof, the date palms and banana trees that surround the farm. The campfires where sweet potatoes are almost always made. The conversations with the Airbnb guests and of course the exchange with the people here on the farm. To keep the vision of intercultural and intergenerational exchange alive.

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