As a response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Jordanian government launched a programme to show how beautiful this country is. The environment of PeaceWadi is perfect to enjoy a rural escape from the city and enjoy the Jordan Valley.

Faris Atiyeh, second generation founder of the Peace Wadi

We are happy to host for the programme and are excited to stimulate national and international tourism to the Jordan Valley!


  • Introduction to the NGO project PeaceWadi, promoting peace and sustainable growth for society in the region for more than 20 years now
  • Peace Wadi is connected to many social initiatives in Jordan, like reduction of waste and promoting the importance of nature in our country
  • Tour around the date farm, bee hives, pidgin tower, explaining about the specialties of the salty water in the Jordan valley and how Peace Wadi adapts agriculture to nature around her
  • Tasting of home grown dates, moringa tea and to enjoy the lunch on the farm made from local produce
  • Bring your young volunteers to help water the plants for us and let your kids discover the joy of rural life. Our next generation will understand better about the importance of nature, peace and sharing

Come and enjoy the farm atmosphere, discover the peace of Jordan Valley, and take a swim in our fully organic pool. There are beach showers and changing rooms available on the property.

Contact us for any questions. We are looking forward to receive you on the farm!
Phone: 079 733 8899

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