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Experiment by yourself

You are probably looking for freedom : your freedom, the freedom of the people around you or theĀ  ecosystems freedom. What would happen if you were completely free ? The volunteers of Peace wadi are experimenting with a way of working without any obligations or rules . We didn’t learn that at school and it’s a challenge.


Travelling by bike around the world I am looking for freedom. My wheels brought me a few hundreds meters from the borders with Palestine. Here I am not the only person who is looking for freedom. Mohammad, who founded this project sais that we are all the children of the valley. Very quickly you will understand that there are no obligations or defined structure. This sounds pretty cool and you’ll have a great feeling of liberty. It’s beautiful on paper but concretly is it that easy ?

There is a link between all the volunteer stories about this place. The challenge of being free. Being brought up in schools, as children we always have to do what the teacher asked us to do. After school it’s often the same with your boss when you get a job. How can we find our purpose in an open space full of possibilities ? This is challenging. Most of us needed few days to adapt themselves and to find the motivation. Peace wadi is quite a big place and the possibilities are endless. You can plant, you can make a movie, you can help the farm workers, you can write a blog post . You can do whatever you want because you will do it well with your heart. And It will be beneficial to the farm. This is the philosophy.


When the evening comes Mohammad often sits down on the balcony and looks at the valley around us. It’s the Palestinian city of Jericho where he comes from. We never talked about that but you’ll see on the walls of the house a post card where it’s written ‘make hummus not walls’. Following my experience this summarizes the wish of this project and the people around it very well. This farm is a pretext to bring people together. It’s a very beautiful pretext because we cultivate food respecting the ecosystems. But at the end we mostly share , we learn from each other, we meet each other. This only can help us to be free together. Freedom is like everything we want to achieve : we need to practice it ! When you start your day no one will say to you : ‘go there and do that’ . You’ll have the freedom to choose. And this is a great opportunity to learn how to motivate yourself and how to trust yourself . Values that probably most of us want to spread in our society.


Peace wadi is an open air laboratory. You’ll face a way of working that’s not common in our society.It can desorientate you in the begining but you will adapt yourself. Big ambitions are behind little works in a garden.


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