A Green Valentine

Our third annual festival in celebration of khubaizeh began on Valentines’ Day, the 14th February. The vibrant green symbolises life, love, happiness, and health; the perfect alternative for red on this day of love.

Khubaizeh grows wild in the valley. Its Latin name, Malva neglecta, perfectly captures the understated and humble nature of this herb. What makes khubaizeh so remarkable to us is its ability to grow in even the harshest of conditions; its ability to produce life and sustenance from dry earth without any help or human intervention. Chopped finely and cooked with onions and garlic, khubaizeh colours and enriches our lives here at Peace Wadi.

Our festival ends on the 21st March, Mothers’ Day in Jordan. In choosing to start and end this third Khubaizeh Festival on days of celebration, we desire for every day in between to be full of festivities, friends, and family.


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