Date with Dates 2: Boo Fagous

Welcome back to Dates with Dates, our informative series on all the different types of dates grown here at Peace Wadi! Today, we will explore the Boo Fagoos variety. Boo Fagoos, meaning “father of the cucumber,” is a rare Algerian variety of date that is incredibly sensitive. Unlike all other dates here at Peace Wadi, the delicate and delicious Boo Fagoos are unable to be packaged, shipped or stored. That means you have to come down to the farm to try them!IMG_8186

The Boo Fagoos fruit has a silky and delicate texture; it literally melts in your mouth, no chewing required. The taste is unique and complex, best described as medium-sweet. On the tree, Boo Fagoos dates are a shiny and lustrous yellow, with their transparent skin fading to brown only hours after they are picked.

We have about 10 trees of this variety here at Peace Wadi, and each tree produces about 100kg dates. The Boo Fagoos dates are currently in the Balah stage of ripening—Abu Bakr, the hardworking farmhand, just put bags on them today to keep birds and other pests from eating them. In a few weeks, around mid-august, the dates will be ready to eat—and we want you to be ready too!IMG_8176


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