Dates with Dates: Berhi


Hello from the Peace Wadi! We are hard at work preparing for this year’s date harvest and all the excitement that comes with it. This year, we look forward to a bountiful harvest and want to share the fruits of our labor (literally and figuratively) with the community, inviting locals and international volunteers to come exchange knowledge, eat dates, and help with the harvest. We are also seeking to create a “pick-your-own” date program, where local consumers can come straight to the farm in order to receive the freshest and most affordable produce.


In order to celebrate the beginning of the harvesting season and to advertise the wide variety of dates available here at Peace Wadi, we will be promoting a “Dates with Dates” campaign on social media. Every few days, Children of the Valley will upload a post about a new type of date we have available on the farm, ranging from Iraqi Berhi dates to Algerian Deglet Noor, and even some indigenous varieties not cultivated anywhere else in the world. Although the harvest is just beginning, many of our dates are ready to eat! Visit the farm now to share in our harvest. If you like what you taste, you can pay a small donation to the farm in order to pick your own fresh dates and take them home with you. Or, visit our roadside stand and pick up a box to go. Delicious dates from Peace Wadi make an excellent gift for friends and family and will store for many months in a cool, dry place.


The first type of date we want to explore is the Berhi date. Berhi, also translated Barhi, are a unique Iraqi variety of date that can be eaten at the earliest stages of ripening. Dates go through three stages of ripeness: Balah, rotab, and tamar. While most dates are still green and bitter at the Balah stage, Berhi dates are sweet and crunchy. Peace Wadi has dozens of trees of Berhi dates that are edible today, even before the date harvest. We welcome you to visit us and taste the firm, crisp luxury of the Berhi date!


To prepare the dates for harvest, workers Abu Bakr and Bryant are busy bagging the Berhi dates to prevent them being eaten by birds and other animals. They are also checking the dates to taste that they are ready (and double-checking, and triple-checking). We are looking for volunteers to help with the date harvest, as well as customers from the community to come buy fresh produce at cheap prices. We offer the opportunity to taste our dates off the tree for free, as well as to come and pick your own fresh dates for a low price. As we get closer to the peak of the season, we will also offer packed dates from the roadside produce stand at the entrance to the farm. Come down and enjoy the early Berhi dates yourself!


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