A day in the Life of a Peace Valley Volunteer

Hey again it is Mira and Min, we thought we would share our typical daily schedule so future volunteers would know what to expect. But just note we are currently in off season for any vegetables. The work here is quite flexible and you can pursue your own activities and projects. Creativity is encouraged.

Our day typically starts with a 6 am wake up call from the sun rising over Jordan. You can probably find us on the roof stretching at this time. It does sound early, but it is worth taking advantage of the day before it gets too hot. We then get ready, have a quick breakfast of dates or other fruit, and then by 6:30 am we head for the fields. The length of the workday varies day to day depending on how much there is to do, but usually we are done by 11:00 at the latest (it is way too hot to work afterwards). If there is not work to do in the fields we then do some cleaning around the farm, or other side projects. For example, work on the gray water recycling system, paint signs, work on social media outreach and so forth. Really, Mohammad encourages you to think out of the box and try to find fun ways to improve the farm.

In the afternoon, we have some down time. This is usually where you will see us napping on a couch, or reading on the terrace. Mira even just naps on her yoga mat in front of the fan! There are a bunch of hikes nearby, but since it is the hottest season we haven’t been able to do that.

Once the sun starts getting lower in the sky, we all become alive again with the cool air. We do some more computer work for Mohammad, take photos, eat some fresh fruit and play card games. Since it is still Ramadan, we wait till the sunsets and we hear call from the a nearby mosque, knowing it is time for a delicious meal – iftar, breaking the fast. We eat together, sometimes with the neighbors or Mohammad’s brother and his friends, a phenomenal meal. I think after Ramadan it is expected that we have to cook more for our little farm family. We have started our own tradition of walking into town after dinner. We usually grab a cold soda and people watch. When we get back we feed some left overs to the puppies and kittens that are still around.

Our bedroom under the stars

Our bedroom under the stars


Overall, it is a nice day. A lot of free time, but you can make of it what you want.

By far our favorite part is at the end of the day. It is extremely relaxing to go to sleep under the stars on the roof. We have an amazing view of Jericho city, and we get to work on identifying constellations.

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