May in Peace Wadi


Dear friends of the Valley, salaam alaikum!

This is Hanna from Norway, Mara from the Netherlands and Cecilie from Denmark writing. We are the current volunteers at Peace Wadi and we figured it was time for an update on the life here.

With the arrival of May the temperatures of the Valley has been rising, and all outdoor work has to happen in the early hours of the morning. Abu Bakir, our full-time helper here at the farm, is grooming the date palms for harvesting season, and Mara, our Dutch volunteer, has been helping him a bit.


When we aren’t in the field we’ve been working on restoring the cafeteria to make it ready for the celebration of Ramadan. We want to make it a place for the people of the valley to gather in, with a good atmosphere and room for spending some happy days. In order to do so we’ve sorted some clutter out, removed unnecessary stuff from the area and cleaned up. Now we’ve started painting the walls of the cafeteria and it is coming along nicely –  it’s amazing what a stroke of paint can do!

The Grey Water Treatment project is also in full swing. Hadi, the engineer for the project, and his workers are coming here almost every day to get it done. We’re really excited about it and will share a post exclusively about this inspiring project. Recycling is an important part of everyday life on the farm, and we’re looking forward to soon be able to recycle our water as well as our food and organic waste.


Volunteering at the farm is not only hard work. We also have time to visit the beautiful places surrounding the valley and of course to enjoy the stunning sunset over our friends in Palestine (perhaps from our roof top beds :). It’s a wonderful community around the farm with a lot of heart and as a volunteer, you really get to feel welcome. As a volunteer, you naturally become a part of the big family here, the Children of the Valley. We really appreciate this!

Muhammad has been in Palestine for the last couples of days to visit family and friends. In the meantime the three of us has been running the farm, with good help from everyone here. We’re looking forward to having him back at Peace Wadi!


Mara, Hanna & Cecilie



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