Eid Al-Khubaizeh 2017

Only 4 days are left: We will open the second Eid al-Khubaizeh next Tuesday and are already very excited!


Between the 14th of February and the 21st of March we will celebrate our favourite local plant on our farm close to the King Hussein Bridge with several activities: farmer’s market with local fruits, herbs and vegetables and other products homemade by members of the local community, music, children’s activities, playground, petting zoo and of course daily Khubaizeh dishes!

On our opening day we will even have the chance listen to some speeches, for example of his excellency Dr. Bassem Mubayden who is supporting our festival with his patronage.

Everybody is warm-heartedly invited to visit us and join the festival! Bring your families, friends, neighbours and classmates. Or come with your whole company and book a Khubaizeh Day for you and your colleagues (just send us an e-mail or call before).

If you are interested in supporting us creating this wonderful event – contact us! We are happy about every helping hand for cooking, at the entrance, selling, children’s activities, making music,…

We are looking forward to see you soon and enjoy the season of Khubaizeh with you! 🙂





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