Children Of The Valley

Dear Blog!

Allow me today to introduce our volunteers, who are going to stay here at Mohammad’s (or also known as Abu Faris) “Children Of The Valley”-Farm, spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve together, weeding Weeds, sharing the Sharing-Tree and so on.

First there is Caro(l) from Brazil. We also call her “Crazy Capitalist Caro” as she reminds us and herself of Monica, a character in the sitcom “Friends” and also because she is always thinking about how to make the farm profitable. Caro is our gold piece, a real treasure as she is not only very effective in terms of organisation and cleaning but also fun, sweet and caring. We still try to figure out which of her spleens are due to her Italian and which to the Portuguese genes. From time to time she misses Brazilian food, but she will get it after having spent enough time in the middle-east, helping Syrian refugees as well as crazy people and animals of the farm. Since she was the first one arriving to Abu Faris’ farm she did her very best preparing day by day the arrival of the following volunteers…


.. Starting with me, freak Fran(zi) vom Germany, who joined two weeks later the already well- practised team of Abu Faris’ and Monica. What can I tell you- the German soldier took the helm and since the beginning I tried hard to catch up with Caro in every way. Still try to figure out how to be first.


1 week later on a rainy day (as usual when the volunteers arrive) we got support by Lydia, the second german soldier, I actually think she deserves maybe even more the honour of this title. Lydia knows not only how to explain agricultural processes in english AND dutch, she also told us- en passant- how the reflexion of the sun works on bright surfaces and how the amount of rain per year is calculated correctly. Whaaat? Give me a minute! Also she went to Iran before coming here!! I wanted to go there as well. Plus she’s the farm’s Instagram and Hashtag queen. I have the feeling I can learn a lot from her!


Only one day later, Helena from Denmark arrived. Finally! Now the cold-blooded people were in the majority! I always admire people like Helena, as she already seems to know what she wants (in her early 20s and still being in a state of finishing her bachelor!). So first of all she’s travelling through the Middle-east, including Palestine and Jordan, which I just decided to do NOW and I’m 7 years older- how cool is she?! Second, Helena has been meditating for a while now. So today, after Mohammad went again live on Facebook during lunch she suggested to do silent half – days, which means that nobody talks during half a day. Let’s go for it! Love the idea of having a meditating buddy to charge my batteries.


Last but not least Mia from the UK arrived in the evening. It’s so unfair, she talks such a nice English- what a privilege it must be to be born in the UK. You can start right a way with a second language, not wasting your time for learning English. Besides her language skills she is also a very interesting person I think. She already lived for a few months in China, had a boyfriend in Jerusalem and worked for half a year in India, trying to teach English to monks. Besides she is a professional piano player.

What a pleasure to meet all of you! In a few days we’re going to be even two more Children of the Valley.


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