Road trip to Amman!

Ahlan-wa-sahlan to Amman, the capital of Jordan!

Yesterday, we had a great time going to Amman. It feels weird to leave the peacefulness of Peace Wadi and encounter the noise and chaos of a big city again. I was living in a small city on the West Bank for three months before coming to Jordan, and it was quiet. When I arrived here, I found even more quietness and peace. So my ears were surprised by the sounds of cars, horns and different voices!

Only 50 minutes separate us to the big city, so after a short road trip, we arrived there. It was my first time in Amman, and it was a happy surprise to discover how big it is!

Amman is an exciting place to be. I could see a city full of life, coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries, and so on. There are lots of commercial center and areas, but also the old neighborhoods with beautiful houses from the 60’s.

The blue sky contrasted with the bright colors of the skyscrapers, and the sun was magnificently shining up high.

 After driving through some of the most important streets and avenues, we went to the outskirts to have lunch. Mohammad Al-Masri, our host, was waiting for us with some delicious home made traditional Arabic food!

Mohammad was born in Nablus, north of the West Bank/Palestine. He turns out to be a very interesting man, full of stories! He told me how he left Palestine and went to the USA, where he graduated from UCLA. After that, he also lived in Iraq before coming to Amman.

He has three lovely sons, and lots of pictures around his apartment. He couldn’t have been a better host. He made himself some warak-dawali, grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice, mutabal (eggplants with tahine, garlic and lemon), foul (beans with olive oil and sumac). We also found olives, fresh bread and some vegetables in our table! Sakhten!

After a short live-broadcasting on Facebook (if you missed it, you can watch it here in this link), we joined the table and talked for a pleasant while. Following our meal, there was hot tea and coffee to warm us. Amman is about ten degrees colder than our place in the Jordan Valley, and I recommend you to take a good coat with you when you go there!

We stopped at a few shops before coming back to Peace Wadi, to try to find some items we can’t find in South Shuneh.

This was an amazing day. Thank you so much to Mohammad for hosting us with such delicious food at his place!



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