Update on the current life on the Peacewadi

Salaam Alaikum

This is Jacob from Denmark behind the keyboard. I’m currently volunteering at the Peacewadi together with Jonas, Nochi and Nayomi, who are volunteers from Germany, Japan and USA. We’d like to give an update on what’s going on here at the Peacewadi farm at the moment.

The harvesting season of the dates is rapidly approaching, and the first dates should be ready to be harvested in a couple of weeks. In the staggering summer heat, where the temperature easily reaches above 30 degrees, the date trees need a lot of water. During these days, we use a lot of time on irrigating the trees through the complex irrigation system.

A lot of weed has spread around the date tree fields – it needs to be removed. The hot weather makes physical labor extremely exhausting during the day, so the work of removing weed usually takes place from 5 or 6 in the morning to around 9.

Additionally, as you see in the pictures, the Peacewadi now has its own compost hole for organic trash. We hope that this compost hole not only provides better options for recycling at the Peacewadi, but also reaches outside the front door of Peacewadi by setting an example of living sustainable. This is particular important  in an area, where recycling is very rare – it’s common to burn trash in big fires, and there’s also a lot of trash lying around in the fields, alongside the roads, and in nature in general.

Mohammed, after visiting Palestine for a couple of weeks, has decided to start up another great project: Jiran of the Valley. This project, which you can read more about on the link below, is intended to reestablish the historic connection between the cities of Shuneh and Jericho.

We hope to continue updating the site during the next couple of weeks.


Nochi from Japan, Jonas from Germany, Nayomi from USA, Jacob from Denmark, and Mohammed from Peacewadi