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In March, we had a worker with some great input about our work here and we hope it may give some insight about our farm as well! We asked Eoin if we could use his post because we would love to publish it. Here it is:

(March 2, 2016)

Hi! First off, my name is Eoin. I’ll be managing the blog on this website for the next while.

I came to the Valley of Peace a few days ago and have been enjoying working in the fields ever since – work that consisted mainly of digging holes, in order to replant young date palms from a neighbouring field. The sight of the new palms filling up what were previously empty spaces is a decidedly satisfying one.

Today, however, was even more satisfying: we turned on the taps.

In parallel to our work with the holes, many of the other workers here had been toiling tirelessly in order to ensure that the dream of a working irrigation system became a reality. After unrolling meters upon meters of plastic pipe – and connecting offshoots to each individual plant – we were ready to give it a go. We waited expectantly as the sound of rushing water filled the air. For a while, nothing. Until:

Hey, Presto! A problem. There wasn’t enough pressure coming through one of the main pipes to supply water to all of the plants that needed it.

And so it goes. Another pipe was called for and unrolled. It cost me a shoe. C’est la vie.

Tomorrow, we’ll see if the fruits of our labour paid off. For now, here are a couple photos of the day’s work. (pictures coming soon)

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