The Valley of Peace has been a long standing organic peace community for many years. I would like to share some history pertaining to our farm and centre. You could call it some of the many stories, trials, and adventures of the Valley of Peace; a culmination of many small and grand rewards. We offer this post as a small starter and are wondering if you’d like us to keep doing this. Let us know!

In 1981, this farm was owned by Mohammed Atiyeh (62) and we have been cultivating date trees since 2013. And from then on, the journey goes on! Here, and in future posts, is a brief part of a description of the geography, culture, learning experience, history, farm background, weather, and stories you can find here. It sounds like a lot (!) but we will get there, “shwoyeh shwoyeh” (one step at a time/a little a little).

As we’ve stated in a previous post, our farm is located in a technically advantageous place for new travelers, taxi drivers, and local commuters or people from Palestine.  We believe that peace is in knowing and being less assuming of each other in order to support peace. Though there is segregation and bureaucracy, that is realistically expected. (Comment below if you would like to share more on this subject!) Many people who work in the taxi business stop by often to eat, rest, and have a cup of tea at the front entrance cafe. There are also travelers wishing to renew their Israeli visas after a short stay in Jordan and you are welcome to stay with us before your return. For more information on how to renew your visas, don’t hesitate to ask! You can find us on King Hussein Bridge Road and you may notice a few taxi cabs as well as a gate. And we go where the date palms grow. In Jordan, most taxi drivers are hardworking men and it’s extraordinarily superb that they can have a place to take a break, especially in the summer. Not to mention, it was quite an innovative idea to open a centre close to Allenby bridge. It is also uncommon to find many workers who are women in the taxi or service business or sometimes in general in Jordan. It is part of the Jordanian culture, but this open topic can definitely be argued.  We would like to know what our readers have experienced internationally or in their countries, have you experienced such minorities in other places? Comment below or let us know, we’re interested in what you have to say!

Also, people from all diversities enter through the King Hussein/ Allenby bridge. However, in order to enter from Israel to Jordan via this bridge, you will be required to present a pre arranged visa because they do not offer Jordan visas at the Allenby bridge border crossing on the spot. But when you cross, we at the farm have a lot of experience to share. Another tip we would like to share with travelers is that prior to arriving in Jordan, we suggest you apply for a Jordanian pass because it is better to purchase it before you arrive than after. Using this pass, you are eligible for tourism benefits and your entry fee is combined with other fees all in one price, such as tickets to Petra or Wadi Rum. Other benefits are included but feel free to check it out on the official website if you’re interested! Here is the link:

For travelers who would like to get a full experience, we would be happy to help you find your way around popular tourist sites, such as Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Wadi Musa, Amman, Madaba, etc. We are near the Dead Sea and in the middle of a politically hot region 300 meters away from the Jordanian border point, not far from the Jordan river and the Baptism site. You can go wherever in Jordan by bus for a small expense and each place has some local secrets. From our farm, you’re able to see the outskirts of Jerusalem and Jericho because we are so close to Israel and the Palestinian territory. By night, the city lights illuminate the mountain side in the distance. The mountain landscape also makes for a beautiful view and a great sunset. Photographers have been welcomed here many a times before.

At the lowest point on earth and, to some level, the most oxygen, this is a good place for anyone looking to reach and press the temporary refresh button in their life. In addition, if you suffer from health issues or asthma, we believe that this place is quite calming and therapeutic. Perhaps that is cause to share with you about a possible spa in the future at the Valley of Peace. For all types of people, we are thinking of creating a programme that allows guests to focus on themselves somewhat like a meditative programme and possibly incorporate the environment of the trees, farming activities, mountain landscape, ever changing sky, cuisine, yoga, sea salt, mud, pool, and other great ideas. If you’d like to give us feedback, we are very interested in your opinions so don’t hesitate to contact us!

We would like to update you on more stories and possibly even more future commemorations, testaments, and inspirational pillars for our life here. There is more to say than one post can describe! It is a great honor to be a witness to all of this, knowing that it has been happening for these many years, as well as for everyone involved to be a part of it as well. In addition, there are more pieces to the puzzle to be shared/learnt of and many facts about the place. If you’d like to continue to know more about the farm or info related to this post, comment or subscribe and let us know! We are truly here to help you.

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