The Animals of the Valley of Peace: Meet our Furry Friends!

Welcome to Wadi Al-Salaam (Valley of Peace)!

At the valley of peace, one of our many tasks among our hobbyist activities is taking care of the animals. The cats and dogs here are domestic, social, and incredibly amicable. The contentment and happiness they offer far outweigh the minor troubles of being their human pillow [in the ruthless, toothy way :)] or preventing bouts between dogs, cats, and other miscellaneous creatures. However, the small ones are untrained. If you are into training kittens and puppies or are good with animals, we welcome you to have a stay!

Our family of animals seem to be growing rapidly. On April 21, we discovered a litter of kittens inside a container after housing another litter of kittens inside the resident building. The newly found kittens were being cared for by Sasha; a queenly, white and long-haired female cat. If you are interested, help us find a home for the kittens! Please contact us for more details.

The cats, dogs, birds, wildlife, and even the bugs are one of the many joys and personal profits of the farm. Currently, we have two white, female cats, two male cats, a puppy named Lucy, two litters of kitten, and a newly found litter of puppies. They love visitors and new friends–and they will quickly become akin to animal loving people. The Valley of Peace including the animals are as detached as possible from the biases and regular norms and it would be great to spread the word of peace!


**More pictures soon to come!

Feel free to contact or visit us through email, tel. phone, our Facebook page for additional information.

Valley of Peace
Mohammed Atiyeh…………………………………………….+962 795527397

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