Wadi Peace Gathering/Paint for Peace

On March 21st, we would like to welcome you all from near and far to enjoy a night filled with a variety of middle eastern cuisine and the sharing of knowledge. Come stay with us!

Also, in addition to our Wadi Peace gathering we would like to start the day a little earlier to announce the launch of an ongoing project, Paint for Peace.
With an aim to spread light and color over a very important location, we are seeking not only artists with a passion or interest in graffiti but also families, individuals and all that can contribute to making the day joyful and successful.
As it stands, we have a wall approximately 200 meters long that has been separated into sections. Being moments away from the King Hussein’s bridge crossing means it will be one of the first things you see entering Jordan giving the artists a perfect opportunity to share their work to the many people who use the crossing.
If you want to help, but don’t paint, we are also looking for sponsors to help pay for supplies.



To reach the farm from Amman, you can catch a bus to Shuneh from Markaz al muhajireen. Get off at the last stop then get a taxi to the farm. It is on the left about 400m before the Allenby Bridge border crossing. There are lots of taxis parked out front and a courtyard with a cafe.

If you have any concerns about getting to the farm feel free to contact Mohammed at 0795527397.

Also check out our Facebook page at Valley of Peace وادي السلام‎ .


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