Current Projects

Current Projects (Updated 20 February, 2016):

1. We are currently working on renovating a courtyard complex at the entrance to farm (which houses a cafe run by taxi drivers) which will become rent-able rooms for people stuck at the border and a living space for volunteers. We need people to help clean the space, assist in construction, and add their own artistic expertise!

2. EID AL-KHUBBAYZA – we have sent an open invitation to locals and friends to come to the farm to pick and cook their own Khubbayza (a wildly popular leafy green plant). We will help them prepare this in a sauteed dish served with vegetables from the farm. This ongoing program at our farm was recently featured on Jordanian national television:

WATCH: Jordanian Television on Eid alKhubbayza

image1 (1)


3. DATE PALMS – harvesting takes place in August, but soon we will be replanting seedlings and small trees to a new plot. The ground of the date palm orchard also needs to be cleared of dead branches and bramble. Furthermore, we need helpers to remove the grass and weeds around the base of the trees to make the irrigation system more efficient.



4. LASERS – If you know anything about lasers, we certainly have a project for you… it is a great hope that by shooting lasers across the Jordan Valley towards our friends at ECOME, a Palestinian-Israeli peace project near Jericho, we can symbolically restore a historic connection between the people of Jericho in Palestine and Shuneh here in Jordan. We hope to bridge divides at this farm by the Bridge, with the knowledge that peace building starts at a local level.

image2 (1)















Sending signals across the valley 😉


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