Our Farm

Welcoming: Ibrahim’s tree

Ibrahim (a.k.a. Abraham), the father of all the prophets, was a true traveler. His  journey is said to have started in present Turkey and continued through Syria, Egypt, Palestine and Jordan. Ibrahim walked through the Jordan Valley, and it is highly probable that he came across our area. On his journeys he must have had rests at some places, also in the Jordan Valley. He might have slept nearby our current courtyard where there is now a big tree – a perfect location for this purpose.

Just as the place might have served as a shelter for Ibrahim, it shall serve all needy persons. We welcome everyone, regardless of any possible discriminatory factors. The courtyard is surrounded by air-conditioned rooms and a nice garden with fruits and date palms.

Home: The ‘ush

The ‘ush, or “the nest,” is the center for everyone staying and working on the farm. Here you can find a kitchen, living room, bathrooms and the office. From the rooftop, you can enjoy our amazing view over the Jordan Valley with Amman on one side and Jericho and Jerusalem on the other.

Coming together: The Sharing Tree

At any opportunity, we meet and receive guests under the Sharing Tree, in front of the ‘ush. Here we cool down, eat together, make plans or just…play Roulette 😉

Under Construction: The Project

It is probably the most striking building at our farm, though it is not yet finished. Our “Project” gives space and facilities for the actions we are planning right now. For instance, a suitable kitchen for our initiative ‘pick&cook’ will be installed soon. We are planning to have more sleeping spaces upstairs and a small Art exhibition. The existing Peace and Prayer room in the light and cooler basement room is already an important step towards the creation of our peace by increasing awareness for the environment, joining together and exchanging ideas.


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