Our Farm

Welcome to Peace Wadi!

In the beautiful Valley of Jordan, our farm is a space of warmth, community, and sharing and we welcome you with open arms.

The Project

At the centre of all activity on the farm is the Project. Here we gather with friends and family, cook together, laugh over bonfires and barbecues, and sit out in the evenings. The wind blows through the arches cooling the shaded interior and, even on the hottest of summer days, the underground sitting room provides a light and peaceful place to rest.


The Project is the site of events and gatherings.

The ‘Ush and Sharing Tree

The ‘ush, or “the nest”, is a home to all those living at Peace Wadi. With bedrooms, a kitchen, the office, and a living room, it’s the hub of organisation and everyday life. The rooftop is a peaceful place to meditate, do yoga, or simply enjoy the striking view of the valley. As the sun sets, the distance becomes dotted with bright lights from Amman to the east and Jericho to the west.

Just beside the ‘ush is our Sharing Tree; a large, overhanging Salam tree with a table built around its base. With chairs and benches set in the shade of the tree, it’s a place to greet visitors, have a drink and a snack, or gather to talk before bed.


The ‘ush is where visitors first arrive and where guests live.

The Farm

Surrounding the main buildings are the farm crops. Peace Wadi is a working farm and has been growing dates for the last thirty years; the date palms are the heart of the farming operation. Around the year, olives, khobaizeh, figs, and other produce are also grown and harvested.


Peace Wadi was one of the first farms in Jordan to import Date Palms from France.


A festival in honour of khobaizeh is held at Peace Wadi in the spring.


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